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  1. Has EEG-Now been cleared by the FDA?  Yes!  EEG-Now was cleared in May 2019.

  2. Is EEG-Now easy to use?  Yes!  In a study of nurses who never used EEG-Now or an electrode cap of any kind, they were able to place EEG-Now in under 4 minutes. 

  3. Is EEG-Now ready to use right out of the box?  Yes!  All you have to do is take off the red sealer caps and then place the cap on the patient's head.  Watch our video to see how easy it is to use EEG-Now.

  4. Is there anything I should look for once I've placed the cap on the patient's head?  Yes.  Make sure that all the sensors are perpendicular with the patient's head.  Here is a quick video demonstration.

  5. Are the caps reusable or disposable?   EEG-Now is disposable, for single patient use. Easily removable and reapplied for MRI/CT scans.

  6. Can EEG-Now be used for extended recordings?  Yes!  The solution in each reservoir should last approximately 8 hours.  You can add solution to the reservoir using the EEG-Now refill solution that is included with your EEG-Now cap. We also recommend that you purchase our Extended Recording Accessory Kit.  Watch our video to see how easy it is to refill the reservoirs.

  7. How quickly does the signal recover when a patient moves their head vigorously?  With EEG-Now, signal recovery is almost instantaneous.  Take a look at a quick video demonstration.

EEG-Now Application Demonstration

Checking for Tilted Sensors

Signal Recovery

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