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Reducing the critical time between  brain injury and brain treatment

EEG-Now is the Immediate EEG

EEG-Now™ allows any healthcare professional to perform EEGs rapidly at any location at any time without prior training. This provides immediate access to diagnostic technology that is known to be powerful, accurate and inexpensive. 

EEG-Now Makes Wide-Spread EEG Testing a Reality:


  • Allows for 24/7 EEG acquisition even when EEG Technologists are not available

  • Rapid application for emergency conditions even if patients are uncooperative

  • Cost effective, comfortable, disposable sensor array

  • Effortlessly removed and replaced for MRI scanning

  • Useful for routine and long-term EEG recording  

  • Works with existing EEG equipment eliminating the need to purchase capital equipment

  • Technology protected by U.S. Patent #10,893,821; additional patents applied for

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